God’s Glory manifested in Sri Lanka

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran & Mrs. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran made a whirlwind visit to Colombo & Kandy from February 14-17, 2020. This was their first visit travelling beyond the shores of India during this new year of 2020.

In Colombo, Dr. Paul and Sister Evangeline started by ministering to our prayer intercessors from Bamalapitiya, Mattakuliya, Jaffna and Kandy Prayer Towers. Both of them affirmed and thanked them for investing their time in the Jesus Calls Prayer Towers as they stood in the gap and interceded with a burden and tears for those calling with various prayer needs. One intercessor testified how she had been serving in the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower for the last 18 years during the night. On one such night, she received a call from a person whose relative was in the hospital with a block in his heart valves and needed an immediate surgery. She prayed with a heavy burden and the Lord heard her prayers and healed that person in a miraculous way without any surgery. Another intercessor shared of how God had abundantly blessed her and her family and had perfected everything in her life even as she served Him through the Jesus Calls ministry. It was so heartwarming to listen to these and other wonderful testimonies of God’s goodness and faithfulness.

Dr. Paul & Sister Evangeline also took time to meet with some of our longstanding partners on the 14th evening to pray with them. Amongst them was a partner who was 99 years old and continued to faithfully support the ministry with her prayers and offerings. They were filled with much joy as they met with her and prayed for her.

A partners’ meeting was held on the 15th in Colombo and we experienced a good turn out of over 2000 people responding to our invitation. At the end of the meeting, Dr. Paul & Sister Evangeline placing their hands upon each one of the them, prayed and prophesied over their lives as led by the Holy Spirit. Amongst them was a Pastor and his wife. They had come for the meeting asking the Lord to speak to them as they were in the midst of a great personal struggle, seeking direction in their ministry and felt lost as to what to do. During the message of Dr. Paul, the Lord called out his name saying “I am healing you of your spine pain and stiffness” and at the end of the meeting, he realized that he was completely healed. Later that evening after the meeting, Dr. Paul unexpectedly met this pastor again at a restaurant. As led by the Lord, Dr. Paul prayed for him again and this time, the Lord gave the Pastor and his wife the clear direction that they were asking from Him, word to word. Praise God!  A loving and caring Savior, meeting us at the point of our need.

A special Blessing meeting was held in Kandy on Sunday, February 16th evening at the Mahinda Rajapaksha Auditorium. People started coming in as early as two hours before the start time with much excitement and eagerness to receive God’s blessings and the place was full and over flowing by the time the meeting started. During Dr. Paul’s ministering, there were very accurate and pointed revelations as he called out the names of people as revealed by the Holy Spirit, describing their present condition and God’s healing touch upon them.

At all the meetings, both in Colombo and Kandy, the people gathered experienced a special anointing and power as Sister Evangeline led the congregation in prayer and there was a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit.              

Finally on February 17th, Dr. Paul and Sister Evangeline had the joy of inaugurating the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower in Kandy together with other saints of God. This is the fourth Prayer Tower in the Island Nation of Sri Lanka and the fourteenth International Prayer Tower.

Even as I write this report, testimonies still continue to flow in of how people’s lives were touched, blessed and transformed during these meetings. We would like to give God all the glory for His mighty acts through His chosen vessels, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sister Evangeline Dhinakaran.

All glory be to His name and name alone!


Arun Thomas
Global Director – International Ministries